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Company Description

Global Partners, Inc., since 1988, is a leader of supplying railway materials, machinery, and infrastructure equipment throughout the globe.  We supply high speed rail profiles such as UIC54, UIC60, AREMA as well as light rails for Metro lines for railway constructions. We support railway authorities and contractors all over the world.


Global Partners has a strong determination to maintain our status as a leading supplier of railway and constructions material around the world. Global Partners has over 20 years of experience and expertise in the industry. Global Partners, Inc. and its collective international sales group are strategically positioned to participate in local tenders as both direct supplier as well as representative agency. Global Partners is able to issue both bid bonds and performance bonds directly to customer as well as all necessary bid and administrative documentation.


Global Partners has strong expertise in negotiating terms of letter of credits and international transactions which can cause barriers to enter such foreign markets locally.

Our Products
Global Partners, Inc. offers a diverse and high quality line of products that include but are not limited to:
Steel rail for railways, wheelsets and wheels, wheel bearings, workshop equipment, crossings and rail switches, gantry cranes and manganese frogs, locomotives and spare parts, railway fasteners, wooden and concrete sleepers, rail grinding and profiling machines, and construction machinery.
Offices, Exports, Global Marritime, and Goals

Global Partners, Inc. has offices internationally in Algeria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and our base office is in Annapolis, MD USA. There are 12 employees combined between all the offices which effectively handle the daily operations and long-term projects our company has. Global Partners has trained multilingual civil and mechanical engineers at all 3 of its overseas office locations.



Global Partners, Inc. has exported all of our products globally to the Middle East, Europe, Africa, and Japan. Our major projects have been exported to The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Iraq, Jordan, Israel, Bahrain, and The United Arab Emirates.


Global Maritime, Inc.- Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier(NVOCC)

Global Partners, Inc. has a sister company Global Maritime, Inc. which is a licensed freight forwarder/NVOCC. Global Maritime has extensive experience shipping project related cargo for the railway and infrastructure industries. Global Maritime is able to issue its own bill of lading as well as assist in any local customs clearance at destination ports.


Business goals:

Global Partners, Inc. With increasing infrastructure projects globally, wants to increase its presence as a materials supplier and representative for various railway products and components. Our focus to expand our presence in the Middle East Region. We strive to cultivate our long term relationships with the government and private sector industries in order to help contribute to the growth of the region.

Port Locations

Our Shipping is handled out of several major U.S.-National ports including,

Baltimore-Washington International (BWI), Washington, Regan, and Dallas. 

Need more details? Contact us

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